The Glendale Narrows is an approximately seven-mile long section of the Los Angeles River adjacent to Griffith Park, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, and Elysian Valley. It is one of four sections of the Los Angeles River that has an earthen bottom. As a result, the area is popular with local fishermen and birdwatchers. The Narrows also serve as a water source for many other animals which include white-tailed deer, domesticated horse, king snake, and beaver.

With this year’s massive rainfall, the LA river is so different from previous years. 

I walked there last week, very nice and relaxing area, it makes you dont feel like in LA. 

We will meet OUTSIDE of The Morrison (DO NOT Park in their lot, there is a driving range next to it, which you can park or some side streets.) then we will walk from there! 

After the walk, if you are open to it, we can grab a drink at The Morrison

It is FREE for this event