Two of the best ways to improve your photographic skills are to participate in our Critique Program on the 2nd Monday of each month and to enter our S4C monthly Competitions.

Photochromers is part of the Southern California Council of Camera Club (S4C) which is affiliated with the Photographic Society of America (PSA).  S4C is comprised of 14 photographic camera clubs in Southern California.

The purpose of the S4C Council is to promote the photographic arts and education by holding monthly competitions open to members of S4C member clubs.  You may enter free in the Individual or Interclub Competition with your current Photochromers membership.

Interclub Competition is for Color Images only, but you can enter individually in the other categories: Color, Monochrome, Creative, Nature, Travel, or Photojournalism. Travel, Nature, and Photojournalism are reality-based, and cloning or removing objects (except dust spots) is not allowed.  You may crop, burn, dodge, and tweak with Photoshop filters. And add 3rd-party software like Nik or Topaz, but it must look realistic.  Color, Monochrome and, of course, Creative are open to the full use of your digital dark room skills.

Nancy Speaker is Chair for the Photochromers’ Interclub Competition, and she can help you if you wish to enter this coming year.  You can reach her at  She is the only one who can upload your Interclub color images on the website portal, and she is now accepting club member entries for the coming year’s competition.  However, you can enter the individual categories on your own.

Please keep track of the images you send Nancy, as they cannot be entered in the Individual Competition during the same year.  However, if your images do not receive an Award or Honorable Mention in Interclub Competition, you can reenter them in your Individual Competition in the same year.

For more information, go to and find “Enter Competition,” then “Entry” for more information.

S4C Schedule 2015-16