Members:  Submit Your Images to: 

We do photo critique at our meetings on the Second Monday of the month. Images are displayed on a screen using a digital image projector.

Paid members are allowed to present five (5) images each month. A guest may show five images one time before joining the club.

If a member or guests submits more than five images, the first five will included in the critique.

In the file name, number your images 1-5, write your name, and file number or title.
Please name your image files like this:
1 Jane Doe Circus Clown.jpg
2 Jane Doe Circus Horse.jpg
3 Jane Doe Circus High-wire.jpg

Put a space between the number and the first character of your name. Do not put a '.' or a '-' or a '_'

Why this file naming?
So when we project the images, they are sorted correctly.
Images will be critiqued only if member is present.
Image Preparation and Submission
Image dimensions, orientation:
Landscape - 2000 pixels on the long side
Portrait - 1080 on the long side

Images must be received by midnight Sunday the day before the Monday Critique Meeting

- Send email with images as attachments. Do not embed the images in your email. Do not use an email "Slideshow" feature.

- Make the subject of the email " Photo Submission"

- File size: keep file below 4 Megabytes.

- Format: jpeg