Members: To submit your 3 images, send them to:

Please reduce image to 1000 pixels on the long side.  Include your name, copyright symbol, and year somewhere on the image.

At any time you may submit 3 new ones to replace your current ones.

Photo Sharing Submisssion Guidelines

Photo Sharing and Critique

We do photo sharing and critique at our meetings on the Second Monday of the month. Images are displayed on a screen using a digital image projector.

Paid members are allowed to present seven (7) images each month. A guest may show seven images one time before joining the club.

In the file name, number your images 1-7, write your name, and file number or title.

Images will be shown only if member is present.

Image Preparation and Submission

Image dimensions, orientation:

Landscape - 2000 pixels on the long side

Portrait - 1080 on the long side

b] Upload Your Images to 

- File size: keep file below 4 Megabytes.

- Format: jpeg

- Send email with images as attachments. Do not embed the images in your email. Do not use an email "Slideshow" feature.

- Make the subject of the email " Photo Submission"

- Images must be received no later than the night prior to the meeting.