Two highlights of this meeting:

We will have our first Photo Gallery Contest this meeting (see the rules, below)

Expert and beginner Photoshop lessons by Paul and Nancy Speaker

Paul and Nancy are Photoshop experts.   They have spend weeks of their time at workshops learning some of the intricacies of Photoshop and their great photography reflects how valuable an useful that information can be.   They will share a lot of what they have learned and show us how they work on their images in real time.  Their guidance will be of value to both beginners and experienced Photoshop users. 

Gallery Contest Rules for entry:

1) Must be a paid member to enter.

2) One (1) entry per member.

3) Print must be at least 11 x 14 inches in size.

4) Print can be of any subject, color or B&W.

5) Print can be framed, matted or just the print.

6) Bring the print covered to the meeting with a sticky note with your name on it.

7) Photograph can have been taken at any time.

Judging, members will vote for their favorite photograph.

Photograph with the most votes will be First Place $25 prize (real US Dollars!)

Photograph with the second most votes will be Second Place $15 prize

Photograph with the third most votes will be Third Place $10 prize

Before the Photo Gallery Contest, we will have a live session on using Layers in Photoshop by one or more of our advanced members. We will show you how to create multiple layers and how to blend two or more layers and how to use Layer masks.