Like many of us, Yvette gained in interest in photography while taking photos of family events and vacations.  She gifted a Nikon FM2 film camera to her husband for his college graduation, “kind of” knowing that she would be the one using it.  Yvette’s first digital camera was acquired for free as a result of a Panasonic class-action lawsuit for a supposedly faulty laptop.  Years later she bought a friend’s used Nikon D70 which she found rather frustrating to use.  Too many buttons and menus!  Eventually, she took a class on Advanced Digital Photography, which led to her joining the Rancho Cucamonga Photo Club.  About a year later, she was asked to be the secretary of that club, and she credits her expanding knowledge of photography and Photoshop to what the club members have shared freely over the years.  Time lapse has always been a facet of photography that intrigued Yvette, so she researched it extensively on the internet and applied what she learned to a convention center event that she would be working.  The research paid off, and you’ll see the finished product tonight and how she accomplished it.  You will also learn the basics of time lapse and will be encouraged to try it out in your own creative ways.