It’s the holiday season! We shall celebrate with photo taking!

In addition to The Americana at Brand’s upscale shops, restaurants and movie theater, the outdoor mall features Waters of Americana, an animated fountain by WET. The musical fountain, located in the central landscaped park, performs every hour on the hour, though a non-musical program runs between shows. A gold-leaf statue, chosen by developer Rick Caruso, rises from the center of the fountain’s smaller pool. The statue is a replica of Donald De Lue’s 1949 Spirit of American Youth sculpture in France, a memorial to Americans who fought at Normandy in World War II. The statue also serves as the icon for The Americana at Brand.

An internal transit system uses a battery-powered trolley car (built by the Gomaco Trolley Company) to shuttle visitors through the main square and around the perimeter of the complex. The line was in operation from the opening of the Americana at Brand complex, in May 2008. George F. McGinnis, a retired Disney Imagineer, designed the trolley cars.

The tree is up to 100 feet or more, and it is usually one of the tallest trees in Los Angeles County.

FREE Parking next to In&Out on Brand, in the parking structure.

Camera with mid to wide range lens, NO Tripod please.