Tonight we will be doing our critique judging by a team. Because we lost several of our judges when they moved out of the area, we are going to give several of our club members a chance to try their hand at image critique. Our first round of team critique will feature three of our members. In order they agreed to do this: Gary Dibble, Seth Maxwell and Bill Vasta. 

             Gary Dibble: landscape, nature and travel photographer extraordinaire

Seth Maxwell: computer wizard, Lightroom expert, architectural and  pattern photographer

William Vasta is a professional people and event photographer of extraordinary talent. His CV includes being a White House photographer under the Clinton Presidency.

Send five (5) images for this critique. Standard image submission format. Landscape orientation, 2000 px on long side; portrait orientation, 1080 px on long side. Image size under 4MB.

Name image files like this: 1 Jane Doe Yosemite.jpg, 2 Jane Doe Wolves.jpg . . . 5 Jane Doe Foxes.jpg

Email to:

Subject Line: Critique Submission

Send images as file attachments

See our Photo Submission Page on how and where to send your critique images.

Guests can upload images for their 1st meeting, then they must join the Photochromers Photo Club and pay the annual dues to participate in additional critique meetings.