Meet Our Speaker, Joe Ligori

Joseph (Joe) Ligori spent over 25 years as a Software Engineer for some of  Southern California’s  more advanced computer manufacturers and software development firms. During that time he was a key instructor for customer and in house computer engineers as well as end users. Joe’s last years in the computer Industry were spent as a lead instructor for both software and firmware development.

Photography has long been a hobby of Joe’s dating back to the film days. With the advent of Digital Cameras his computer background became a natural fit for his hobbyist enthusiasm. Being fully retired now, the last few years have found Joe involved in many aspects of photography working with many DSLR and Mirror-less systems. Fascinated with equipment, old and new, he has enjoyed discovering the finer aspects of digital photography. Capturing and enhancing images has become a worthwhile passion and his main retirement activity.

Joe will talk about the auto focus systems on your digital camera.

The Auto Focus Mystique presentation/workshop will delve into the mysteries of Camera Auto Focus Systems. Knowing more about Camera Focus Systems will surely add to your photography skills. We will look at some of the technical aspects of Auto Focus, but will concentrate on how to use this unique and complex part of your camera.

We will discuss problems with using Auto Focus and how to diagnose and solve those problems. We will cover a brief history of Auto Focus, the types of Auto Focus systems and types of focus detection systems. We will discuss Focus modes, areas and Focus Points, focus point sensor types and Back Button Focus. Bring your auto focus questions to the meeting and we will talk about any problems and Issues you may be experiencing and lastly we will look at the Creative use of Focus. This will be a lively, hands on presentation/workshop that you’ll surely not want to miss. Join us and you’re sure to learn something new about Auto Focus.