Jerry’s presentation will cover the basics of composition. There are no ‘Rules’ in photographic composition but following some guidelines and tips will greatly improve your photographs.

Photography has been Jerry’s primary hobby for well over sixty years. Jerry was an educator with San Bernardino City Schools for 35 years, spending the last 28 years of his career as an Elementary School Principal. Jerry and Bessie, his late wife, both retired from the public schools in 1994. After a few years on the part-time faculty of California State University, San Bernardino, supervising and training student teachers, they went into full-time retirement to focus on RVing around the country with cameras and tripods in hand. After 44 years, of course with many different RV’s, they have moved on to traveling by SUV. After trying to fit luggage and two complete sets of photography gear in the trunk of a sedan the SUV has become the preferred mode of travel.

Jerry belongs to three photography clubs and has presented programs to several photography clubs in Southern California. He assists instructing the field work photography classes presented by Redlands Camera Club. Jerry is also a past president of Redlands Camera Club.

Jerry has mostly shot with Nikon, but currently he shoots with Fuji X series mirrorless cameras. And, yes, he found a third party fisheye compatible with Fuji. Although Jerry’s work has historically focused primarily on landscape and travel photography, he enjoys flower, abstract and street photography.